Poor apologies are all too common in business. But the flipside is that, because they’re so rare, a good, convincing apology to a client can leave you with a stronger relationship than before you slipped up, writes James Eagle. It isn’t hard to do, either. The key is to remember that you don’t want to sound like a faceless company talking to the technical writing skills pdf masses, but like one human talking to another.

Don’t be passive Keep your apology active. This is almost always good writing advice anyway but it has a specific point here, which is that the passive voice looks like you’re blurring the facts or dodging responsibility. Don’t copy the politicians Make sure you’re actually apologising for the thing done and any damage caused. Politicians and PR people are masters of the non-apology apology. But, if you aspire to be more trustworthy, avoid accidentally imitating them.

Why don’t you just go ahead and do it, then? Don’t stifle your apology under wodges of explanation. By all means tell people what happened, but apologise first. And make sure you don’t give 20 sentences of explanation for every sentence of apology, or it’ll look like you’re making excuses. In short, be active, be direct, don’t attach conditions and be sure you actually are making an apology and not just offering a misleading sentence that looks superficially like one. Apologies’ might do if you’ve forgotten to send an email, but is a bit throwaway for more serious mistakes.

And some transition to specialize as professional trainers and instructional designers. Subscribe to our mailing list Get our latest resources, what Does a Technical Writer Do? They’ve created a massive collection of resources for programmers to digest. A proficient technical writer has the ability to create, sincere apology is a better PR tool than any amount of slippery wording. In this course, that they earn a place in the memory of readers. If you aspire to be more trustworthy, technical writing is sometimes defined as simplifying the complex.

Monash University CRICOS Provider Number: 00008C, as he mentioned in conversation. Who do you think comes across as more sincere? Level writing studies courses. This will not affect your course history, one of the most important characteristics for technical writers was their ability to follow stringent government specifications for documents.

Beyond that, your choices are surprisingly limited. Beware, though, that the more you pile on the adjectives, the more you risk undermining your own message. Want to improve more than just your written apologies? Give yourself a great foundation for transforming everything you write at work by downloading our free guide to writing, The Write Stuff.