You learned about shapes in one dimension, two dimensions, and maybe even three. What is the circumference of a circle? The distance between the computational beauty of nature pdf download point and a line? Come to think of it, we’ve been studying geometry all along in this book, using vectors to describe the motion of bodies in Cartesian space.

For us nature coders, we have to ask the question: Can we describe our world with Euclidean geometry? The LCD screen I’m staring at right now sure looks like a rectangle. And the plum I ate this morning is circular. 2: One of the most well-known and recognizable fractal patterns is named for Benoit Mandelbrot himself.

Generating the Mandelbrot set involves testing the properties of complex numbers after they are passed through an iterative function. Let’s illustrate this definition with two simple examples. Notice how the tree in Figure 8. 3 has a single root with two branches connected at its end. Each one of those branches has two branches at its end and those branches have two branches and so on and so forth. What if we were to pluck one branch from the tree and examine it on its own? Looking closely at a given section of the tree, we find that the shape of this branch resembles the tree itself.

The above tree is perfectly symmetrical and the parts are, in fact, exact replicas of the whole. However, fractals do not have to be perfectly self-similar. In these graphs, the x-axis is time and the y-axis is the stock’s value. It’s not an accident that I omitted the labels, however. Graphs of stock market data are examples of fractals because they look the same at any scale.

Are these graphs of the stock over one year? There’s no way for you to know without a label. Incidentally, graph A shows six months’ worth of data and graph B zooms into a tiny part of graph A, showing six hours. This is an example of a stochastic fractal, meaning that it is built out of probabilities and randomness. Unlike the deterministic tree-branching structure, it is statistically self-similar. As we go through the examples in this chapter, we will look at both deterministic and stochastic techniques for generating fractal patterns.

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