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The Princess Diaries is a series of epistolary young adult novels written by Meg Cabot, and is also the title of the first volume, published in 2000. Mia’s mom does in the book! The books are noted for containing many popular culture references, which include singers, movies, and fads in modern culture. Many critics have taken unkindly to this form of storytelling. The latest book in the series, The Princess Diaries, Volume XI: Royal Wedding was published in 2015. A spin-off series for tweens featuring Mia’s half-sister, From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess was released in May 2015.

Plot summaries have been moved to their individual volume pages. The story of Mia Thermopolis’ adolescent turmoil as an average teenager and a princess of royal descent is chronicled in her on-going journal, where she explores topics of teenage angst, love, and betrayal through an opinionated eye. The main series follows Mia from her freshman year of high school to her graduation, with a two-year jump between the ninth and tenth books. Some books take place in Genovia, a fictional European country. She is the daughter of Helen Thermopolis and Philippe Renaldo. She is also the princess and heir to the throne of Genovia, a small country in Europe located between France and Italy.

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