The Thirteen Problems First Edition Cover 1932. Christie employs the thirteen problems agatha christie pdf download overarching narrative, making the book more like an episodic novel. There are three sets of narratives, though they themselves interrelate.

The first set of six are stories told by the Tuesday Night Club, a random gathering of people at the house of Miss Marple. Sir Henry Clithering invites Miss Marple to a dinner party, where the next set of six stories are told. The group of guests employ a similar guessing game, and once more Miss Marple triumphs. A group of friends are meeting at the house of Miss Marple in St Mary Mead. Dr Pender, and Mr Petherick, a solicitor. Sir Henry tells the first story of three people who sat down to a supper after which all of them fell ill, supposedly of food poisoning, and one died as a result. The three people were a Mr and Mrs Jones and the wife’s companion, Miss Clark, and it was Mrs Jones who died.

The people in the room deliver their various theories as to who the murderer is, but neglect to ask Miss Marple, until Sir Henry politely points out the omission. Sir Henry if Gladys confessed, and says that she hopes Mr Jones will hang for what he made the poor girl do. The letter in the hotel room was to Gladys. The group meets the following week and it is the turn of Dr Pender to tell his story. His tale is one in which a man was struck down by “no human agency”. It took place at a house on the edge of Dartmoor called “Silent Grove” which was newly purchased by Sir Richard Haydon, an old college friend of the doctor’s. Dr Pender was invited to a house party there, where they were joined by seven other people including a striking society beauty named Diana Ashley.

Toned down to a fancy dress party, Diana’s suggestion was accepted by the others to take place that night, and preparations happily took place. Diana’s shapeless dress, titled ‘the unknown’, disappointed the group for its lack of imagination, and during the party she disappeared, last being seen heading towards the grove. The others followed and found her in her true costume, magnificently adorned in the moonlight as a priestess of Astarte. Elliot who quickly stabbed him in the pretence of examining him. The knife was hidden as part of his fancy dress costume. Raymond West takes his turn in telling a story. It took place two years earlier when Raymond spent Whitsun in Cornwall with a recent acquaintance called John Newman.

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