Redemption is a 2000 role-playing video game developed by Nihilistic Software and published by Activision. Redemption is presented in the first- and third-person perspectives. The player controls Christof and up to three allies through a linear structure, providing the player with missions to progress vampire the masquerade malkavian clan book pdf a set narrative. Founded in March 1998, Nihilistic’s twelve-man team began development of Redemption the following month as their first game.

The team relied on eight outside contractors to provide elements that the team could not supply, such as music and artwork. Redemption was released for Microsoft Windows on June 7, 2000, with a Mac OS version following in November 2001. It received the 1999 Game Critics Awards for Best Role-Playing game. From the third-person perspective, the player character Christof Romuald wields a melee weapon. The interface shows the inventory on the right, and the current party members at the bottom.

The playable character can lead a group of three additional allies into battle, controlling their actions to attack a single enemy or to use specific powers. Characters can be set to one of three modes: defensive, neutral, or offensive. The player can access various long-range and melee weapons including swords, shields, bows, and guns, stakes, and holy water. Completing objectives and defeating enemies is rewarded with experience points, which are used to unlock or upgrade existing disciplines and improve each characters’ statistics, such as strength or agility. Weapons, armor, and other accessories can be purchased or upgraded using money or valuable items, which are collected throughout the game. Redemption features an online multiplayer component which allows players to engage in scenarios together.

One player assumes the role of the Storyteller, guiding other players through a scenario using the Storyteller interface. The interface allows the Storyteller to create or modify scenarios by placing items, monsters, and characters across the map. Actor Curtis Armstrong provides the voice for 20th century vampire Pink. Redemption occur in two time periods: 12th century Prague and Vienna, and late-20th century London and New York City. The main character of Redemption is French crusader Christof Romuald, a once-proud, religious church knight who is transformed into a Brujah vampire. With his religious faith destroyed, Christof is forced to reassess his understanding of good and evil as he acclimates to his new life.

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