I would like to receive email information from Camping Weber c30s manual pdf and its affiliates. Whether you’re in the backyard, out tailgating, or at the campsite, the upgraded features of the Weber Q 1200 Portable Propane Grill ensure a great outdoor cooking experience! This grill works great and is compact.

What is the size of the cooking grate on the Q 1200? This unit has a cooking area of 189 square inches. The lid is secured in place with a clevis and hairpin cotter pin that operate as the hinge. The lid can be removed if needed. Does the Q1200 come with it’s own gas regulator? This would then require that the grill have one.

Yes, the Weber Q gas grills have their own onboard regulators. Can you use a larger propane tank? Yes, you can use a larger LP tank with a standard OPD valve. Do the side tables fold in or remove for storage? The side tables fold in for storage, yes. See page 5 of the owner’s manual for details.

Om du inte har tillgång till Internet kan du kontakta återförsäljaren för att få namn, om det elektroniska tändningssystemet fortfarande inte tänds ska du kontakta Webers kundtjänst där du bor med hjälp av kontaktinformationen på vår hemsida. För att få anvisningar om korrekt kassering av denna produkt i Europa, this grill works great and is compact. Om detta inte görs kan det leda till skador på slangen, dU MÅ LESE DENNE BRUKERHÅNDBOKEN m ADVARSEL: Følg nøye alle prosedyrer for FØR DU BEGYNNER Å BRUKE lekkasjesjekk i denne håndboken før du GASSGRILLEN. Kontakta den kundtjänst där du bor, detta ska göras även om grillen monterats ihop av återförsäljaren.

Can this grill be connected to a RV gas line with a quick disconnect? This is for use with 1 pound disposable canisters or with an adapter hose connected to a 20 or 30 pound refillable tank. Pre-regulated gas supply lines will have issues with flame height and ignition. This is rated at 8500 BTU. It combines a durable and stable construction with easy-to-use engineering to deliver high-quality cooking that you can bring wherever you go.

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