Mississippi River year of the flood pdf Kaskaskia, Illinois during the Great Flood of 1993. For river systems, the 100-year flood is generally expressed as a flowrate.

Based on the expected 100-year flood flow rate, the flood water level can be mapped as an area of inundation. A common misunderstanding is that a 100-year flood is likely to occur only once in a 100-year period. In fact, there is approximately a 63. 100-year floods occurring in any 100-year period. On the Danube River at Passau, Germany, the actual intervals between 100-year floods during 1501 to 2013 ranged from 37 to 192 years. The probability of exceedance Pe is also described as the natural, inherent, or hydrologic risk of failure. A similar analysis is commonly applied to coastal flooding or rainfall data.

The field of extreme value theory was created to model rare events such as 100-year floods for the purposes of civil engineering. This theory is most commonly applied to the maximum or minimum observed stream flows of a given river. There are a number of assumptions which are made to complete the analysis which determines the 100-year flood. First, the extreme events observed in each year must be independent from year-to-year.

The first assumption is often but not always valid and should be tested on a case by case basis. The second assumption is often valid if the extreme events are observed under similar climate conditions. When these assumptions are violated there is an unknown amount of uncertainty introduced into the reported value of what the 100-year flood means in terms of rainfall intensity, or flood depth. When all of the inputs are known the uncertainty can be measured in the form of a confidence interval. 100-year flood is greater than X, but less than Y. Direct statistical analysis to estimate the 100-year riverine flood is possible only at the relatively few locations where an annual series of maximum instantaneous flood discharges has been recorded.

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